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Deer Posing for picture ?

Deer Posing for picture ?

This was taken on Mt. Nebo, the same week that my first photo was taken. Even though we were iced in, it did not keep the deer from coming around and passing through the yard of the cabin where we were staying. It did seem as if the deer were posing and the doe was grooming her child for the picture.

Actually, there are three deer there but only two were bunched close together; that was an incredibly touching sight for us and very moving…this was the third time we saw the deer, but the first time that the doe had stopped and was busily grooming the other deer….we were standing there in the window going ooooh and ahhhhhh, oh, wow.

I didn’t think I was able to get a shot of this, because about that time my camera lost charge. Of course, isn’t that always the way it happens. At least for me, it seems to be. I actually got two more shots in but though you could make out the deer, it looked as if there was a white fog over the shot. The first time we saw the deer was the first afternoon we were there, and we just happened to glance out the big back windows out over the deck and we saw about six or seven deer just casually walking across the yard. Of course, my camera was not handy, so I missed that shot, but I am hoping that my sister sends me one of that. The last deer just stopped, as if pausing or posing for the camera — then walked on casually as if to say, “okay, you had your chance……I am tired of being cute for the day, so I am going to look for some food.” *grin* ūüôā

Actually, I had the feeling that as the deer in the picture walked off, the mother deer was muttering under her breath, “Okay, that was a total waste of one of our best tourist bits; I know they were there, staring at us, and taking pictures of us, so why not come out and bring us food. I can’t believe they totally blew off one of our best moves. Hmmmph!! Silly humans, anyway. ”

Okay, I am bad about putting words in animals mouths, but it sure seemed as if that would be what the doe was saying as she stalked off? Well, okay, maybe not stalked, for she was still very gracefully picking her way over the ice.

What a miraculous and awesome five days those were for us and what wonderful memories we made.