“Who Do I think I am?


Who do I think I am?


I often wonder

just who I think

I am

To dare to call


a poet

a writer

a dreamer of dreams?


When I see those around me

whose words flow so freely,

seem to flow so gracefully

literally dancing

on the page,

whose words leave me

breathless with anticipation,

luring me in

enticing me with their

sheer audacity,


and complexity of phrase

and the haunting beauty

of their images

the lingering after effects

of their thoughts

and of their dreams.


So, seriously —

Who do I think I am

to dare to call


anything other

than what I am —

Just someone

who feels

who dreams

and has the need

to put words on paper

in some form or fashion.

Nothing quite as free

nor even quite as audacious

Just someone

who does what she can

as best she can

Yet frustrated

knowing that there is more

oh, much more

So much more —

So, Do I really dare to call myself a poet?

Do I really have a choice?

and does it really matter after all?

Joan Walker



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