#smallstones 31 — 1/31/2014


#smallstones 31

It was dark and gloomy day

and inside my mind did shiver,

I felt a ghostly goosebump

that surely made me quiver.


#smallstones 29 — 1/29/2014


#smallstones 29


One tiny flickering flame

Just one glimmer of light

is all it takes to keep

the fire within burning


#smallstones 28 — 1/28/2014


#smallstones 28


Wisdom is seldom just given

you have to earn it

one mistake at a time.


#smallstones 27 — 1/27/2014


#smallstones 27


Gracefully gliding

from branch to branch,

the small squirrel ignores me


#smallstones 26 — 1/26/2014


#smallstones 26


My heart beats slowly

as I listen to the sound

of the clock ticking away.


#smallstones 25 — 1/25/2014


#smallstones 25


The aroma of morning coffee

freshly brewed

awakens me without a single sound

and lingers tantalizingly

even after the last sip is gone.


#smallstones 24 — 1/24/2014


#smallstones 24


When our thoughts wander,

as they invariably do,

just keep an eye on them

to make sure they 

don’t wander too far.


#smallstones 23 — 1/23/2014



#smallstones 23


The silence beckons

as the moon has risen

and I am content

to just sit and gaze


#smallstones 22 — 1/22/2014


#smallstones 22


No matter what I say or do,

it seems that I stay behind

at least half the time.