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About Friendship


Friendships make the world go round,
they make our lives worth living,
it’s not just the things they say or do,
but that they’re always there for you….
Joan Walker  March, 2014



March 14 Haiku Prompt: Curlicue

March 14  Haiku Prompt: Curlicue

Spring – it’s time for kites
Such colorful curlicues
Swaying in the breeze


March 13 Haiku Prompt: Capsize


March 13 Haiku Prompt: Capsize

After spring rain on pond,

ducks go paddling  — bottoms up

Tail feathers bobbing


March 11th Haiku Prompt: Cuppa


March 11th Haiku Prompt: Cuppa

A peaceful sunrise

hot cocoa on the front porch

Flock of geese overhead


March 10 Haiku Prompt: crapshoot


March 10 Haiku Prompt: crapshoot

 Some say that life is just

a crapshoot, a game of chance;

Not so; Life’s a quest.



March 9th Haiku Prompt: Current

March 9th Haiku Prompt: Current


Like the raging river

overflowing at spring’s  flood tide,

life’s currents may threaten..



The  most current thing —

Spring with its  glorious blooms;

I am impatient.


Impatiens would suit.



March 8th Haiku Prompt: Constellation

March 8th Haiku Prompt:  Constellation

Stars twinkling
Night sky’s wonderland
Forming patterns


March 7th Haiku Prompt: Cleaning

March 7th Haiku Prompt: Cleaning

Spring cleaning’s in the  air,
wonder why I really don’t care
No hurry is my motto…

well, except for warmer weather.

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